Peppa Pig - Champion Daddy Pig

[00:19.00]Peppa and her family are watching sport on television.
[00:25.00]It's a long jump.
[00:26.90]It's a new world record!
[00:31.00]Mummy, what's a world record?
[00:34.10]It means you are best in the world at something.
[00:36.80]Then you are a champion, and your name goes in a book.
[00:40.90]There are champions for running, jumping, swimming…
[00:45.70]I wish you were in the book, daddy.
[00:48.40]I am in the book.
[00:51.10]Yes, Daddy Pig is champion puddle jumper.
[00:56.30]No one's beaten me yet.
[00:58.30]I don't think they ever will.
[01:00.40]The next event is the puddle jump.
[01:06.60]That was a very big splash. In fact, I think yes!
[01:11.87]it's a new world record!
[01:16.30]Daddy, you are not the champion any more.
[01:20.40]Everyone will be sad.
[01:23.10]HOHo, I'm sure
[01:24.70]they've got more important things to worry about, Peppa.
[01:29.20]Daddy pig, you lost the world record
[01:32.10]Everyone wants you to be champion again.
[01:34.50]It's important.
[01:38.30]Ok. I'll do it tomorrow.
[01:42.60]But I'll have to train myself to
[01:44.80]jump in muddy puddles again.
[01:46.30]Everyone knows how to jump in muddy puddles, daddy.
[01:50.00]Aha, but not everyone is a champion, Peppa.
[01:53.90]Daddy pig is the master.
[01:58.10]Daddy, are you going to practice jumping up and down?
[02:01.90]No, Peppa. I must be at one with the puddle.
[02:07.60]To jump in a puddle,
[02:08.80]I must think like a puddle.
[02:11.60]Do you need to do running?
[02:13.70] No.
[02:14.70]Do you need to do press-ups?
[02:16.80]No. I need to sleep and dream about puddles.
[02:23.50]It is the day of the big puddle jump.
[02:26.00]Daddy Pig is wearing his puddle jumping costume.
[02:29.70]I can't find my golden boots.
[02:32.30]I gave those old boots to grandpa for his gardening.
[02:35.60]My lucky golden boots to be used as gardening boots!
[02:40.20]You've got other ones.
[02:41.70]It's not the same.
[02:47.10]Grandpa, remember those old boots I gave you?
[02:52.20]Daddy needs them back urgently.
[02:54.40]You have been looking after them?
[02:56.60]Um…they have been watered.
[02:59.60]Grandpa Pig is growing tomatoes in daddy's lucky boots.
[03:04.60]We need them for the puddle jump today.
[03:07.20]Right, I'll meet you there.
[03:11.60]Everyone has come to watch daddy pig's puddle jump.
[03:19.90]Please welcome your friend and mine Mr. Potato.
[03:27.60]Good luck, Daddy Pig. Oh,
[03:29.90]but where are your lucky boots?
[03:33.10]Uh, here they are.
[03:34.60]Thank you, Grandpa Pig.
[03:37.00]I can smell tomatoes.
[03:39.70]And now for Daddy Pig's puddle jump.
[03:44.30]Daddy pig is thinking.
[03:46.70]Ready, steady, go!
[03:51.30]I must become one with the puddle.
[03:55.20]I must be the puddle. Wow…
[04:02.30]The puddle has gone!
[04:04.90]The puddle has gone over all of us.
[04:08.00]Daddy pig has become one with the puddle.
[04:11.50]Everyone has become one with the puddle.
[04:14.50]It's a new world record!
[04:19.40]Champion daddy pig!
[04:21.40]And who is this?
[04:23.10]I'm Peppa Pig. One day,
[04:25.70]I will be the champion puddle jumper.
[04:29.20]I've been training her.
[04:31.60]Uh…to be trained by the master.
[04:33.80]What have you learned?
[04:35.80]Uh…if you jump in muddy puddles,
[04:39.20]you must wear your boots.
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